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I have a 1994 Toyota 4x4 with a 22RE engine standard transmission. The engine idles rough and it smells like it is running rich. When it first starts up it really runs rough for a few seconds then it runs some better. There is a puff of blue smoke out the tailpipe when first started up as well. Going down the highway it runs much better than at idle. My question is, “Where do you start to look for a problem like this on my truck”.

You will need to watch how rich or lean the oxygen sensor is reading. This will tell you where to start! If the O2 sensor is reading rich (around 1 volt) then you may have a fuel pressure problem (too much) or the coolant sensor could be telling the computer that the engine is too cold. If the o2 sensor says it is running lean and it smells rich to you then the O2 sensor is faulty. It is telling the computer that it is running too lean so it needs more fuel. This could be your only problem! Without a digital multi-meter or scanner you can't "see" what you need to see. If you don’t have this type equipment then Please, Please find a shop to repair your car. If you don't have the training and equipment to test your car, you will just be guessing.


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