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My S-10 has a 4 cyl. 5 speed. . The question, that I have, is why does my truck jump and buck while going down the road? I have changed plugs, plug wires, fuel filter, and air filter. It seems to do this after the day has warmed up. It will not do this on the way to work which is about 10/11 miles at 5:00am in the morning (it never misses a lick this time of the morning). It idles just fine and will not skip a beat when the engine is raced in neutral (just going down the road is the problem). There is no service engine light on.

You need to find a shop with a Tech 2 computer Scanner. This is GM’s scanner of choice. You would have saved money if a shop had looked at it BEFORE you changed parts. I suspect there is a “re-flash” for the computer. This is like putting a new version of “Windows” in your home computer If you are local please call my shop for a free test drive and consultation. If your not, find a automotive repair shop with this “Tech 2 Scanner” and the ability to install the most current computer update for your truck. Today’s cars are computers on 4 wheels and require special equipment and training. You can change all the parts in the world and still be unable to fix a vehicle correctly without the right software.


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