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I hear you say that lug nuts need to be tightened with a “Torque Wrench” instead of an impact gun. I have my tires rotated every six months and they never use a “Torque Wrench” They do use what is called “Torque Sticks” Do they do they same job as a “Torque Wrench”?

“Torque Sticks” are supposed to do the same job as a “Torque Wrench” in theory, they do! In reality they don’t! Nothing takes the place of a “Torque Wrench” for accuracy in tightening something correctly. Torque wrenches are used to tighten a lot of items, from cylinder head bolts to disc brake caliper bolts. A “Torque Stick” will allow the lug nuts to be within 10lbs of torque from each other. That might work on older model cars and trucks without any problems. It just won’t work as well on the newer cars of today with “composite” type brake rotors. As little as 7 lbs of difference in lug nut torque MAY cause warped rotors. This usually takes 3,000 to 7,000 miles before this problem is noticeable. By using a “clicker” type torque wrench you take all the “guess work” out of tightening the wheels properly. They should always be tightened in at least 2 steps (preferably 3 steps) to insure uniformity of the tightness of the lug nuts.


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