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Here's a weird one! My 1995 Nissan Altima the motor starts and runs fine until warmed up. However, at EXACTLY 180 degrees coolant temperature, the ignition system fails and the engine stall every time. (Used laser thermometer to confirm temperature). The ignition system drops off line at this temperature with absolutely no spark from the coil until engine cools about 20 degrees. It also diesels a long time but I can find no audible or visible vacuum leak with the old "redneck starting fluid vacuum leak spray detector" method. EGR is confirmed good. It will then start and run fine when cooled down to an open loop temperature, at least until it warms up and the whole cycle begins again. It is the old two mode computer system. The green LED blinks consistently with no sign of quitting. Suspecting the ignition module or crank angle sensor? The Alternator test was fine at an output of 14.7v. The battery is new at 12.5vdc, but the black alt-bat fusible link is a little melted, but has continuity. Don't want to spend all of my time or my friend’s money diagnosing this. Is this a common problem?

I suspect the distributor itself is the culprit. This is where the crank angle sensor is located as well. The next time it “dies”, pour a bottle of cold water on the distributor "housing" (not the distributor cap). If it starts, you have found the problem! This distributor is an "optical" type distributor and fails quite often. My daughters have had the same problem with their cars. And so have a lot of other Nissan owners.


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