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I have a 1995 Mercury Marquis with “Air Ride Suspension”. Last week I replaced the rear air springs because they would leak down. When they leaked down it activated the Air Ride Suspension compressor to come on in the middle of the night. Now that I have changed the rear air springs the car looks like a “jacked up” race car. The rear end is way up in the air! It was okay for a few days and now it is all “jacked up!” What can I do to get the vehicle down to normal height? The only good news is the air spring compressor doesn’t come on at night. The bad news is my wife won’t drive the car like this. What can I do to correct this problem?

For months (maybe even years) your rear air springs have been leaking ever so slightly. So all the air spring compressor has been doing is adding air to the leaking air springs. When the ride height drops a little, the compressor kicks on, thus lifting the ride height to the proper level. An air spring compressor is designed to add air as well as release air when the ride height sensor detects that the vehicle is sitting too high. Since it has only been adding air over the last several months/years to the air springs, it has not operated the “bleed off” solenoid that is part of the compressor. The “bleed off” solenoid releases the air that is in the air springs, controlling the ride height. Since it is electrical/mechanical device and we live in a humid climate, it has become inoperative from lack of use! In most cases when the air springs start to leak, the compressor will work itself to death just trying to keep the ride height correct. Most people only realize there is a problem when they hear the compressor “knocking” from running all the time. Or the battery keeps running down when the car sits for a couple of days. I suspect the air spring compressor was making noise when you changed the springs. (It was finally loud enough to catch your attention) Now you don’t hear the compressor because there is no reason for it to run. It just comes on for a split second when you first start it up and then shuts off. Now, the air springs are too full of air and they have no way to release the excess air. Don’t feel bad about making this mistake! A lot of professional shops including myself have found out about this the same way you did. And in most cases customers aren’t quite as understanding as your wife. So to correct your ride height problem, bite the bullet and buy the new air spring compressor with all bells and whistles from the dealership. This should take care of your problem.


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