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I have a question, my husband has been driving an 86 Honda Accord it’s an awesome car for being so old. It usually runs great except for the past 5 months it will dump oil all over our garage floor! My husband will add oil and it does fine and then bam, it will just dump all the oil and the oil light will start flashing! The car really isn’t worth that much and we would like to know if you have any idea what is wrong with it? Is it something simple to repair or is it going to cost more money then the actual car itself?? It’s a great car and my hubby only uses it for 2 miles a day to get to work and home! We don’t really want another car payment so we are trying to figure out if it’s something simple that will fix the oil leak or something major that will just cost too much money. I had a 96 Honda Accord a few years ago that dumped my oil everywhere and it ended up costing $500 to fix. WE DEFINITLY ARE NOT PAYING THAT MUCH TO FIX THIS CAR!

Okay, you say that you don't want to spend any money to repair this older model Honda. So you need to ask yourself, "How much would it cost me to replace this vehicle?" In most cases to replace an older good running car with a "newer" used car you will spend $7,000 to $10,000. If you do purchase another "New Used Car" you really don't know the history behind the car you are purchasing. It may be in great shape or it could be a "time bomb" waiting to explode once you purchase it. Most states don't have "lemon laws" for used vehicles. And when you sign your name to purchase the vehicle you buy them "As Is" My best advice is to see a professional automotive technician to evaluate your Honda oil "hemorrhaging" problem. It may something very simple such as an oil sending unit, or something more complicated that requires major surgery! If you decide the cost of the repair is more than the car is worth to you, make sure you have an independent diagnostic technician look over your "New Used Car" BEFORE you purchase it. Make sure your not trading one headache for another!


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