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On my 1992 Pontiac Bonneville with a 3.8 L engine it will go down the road and just shut off. When I check it, there is no spark, wait ten minutes and it starts up and runs till it gets hot and dies.

am going to suggest that you seek professional help before you explode from frustration! Either one of the new parts you put on, could be at fault! The failure rate on certain electronic parts that DON’T come from the cars manufacture is around 50%. Even the manufacture’s parts have around a 30 to 40 % failure rate right out the box. So this is what I propose: Find a reputable shop that gives a 1 year warranty (or longer) on their repair work. Have them DIAGNOSE your cars problem and fix it! Be prepared to pay them for their time and knowledge. If the problem comes back, they get to fix it for free! This is what I call a “Peace of Mind Warranty” This will save time money and keep you from pulling your hair out! Your car is 14 years old and is almost an antique. (A car has to be 20 years old to be a collectable) Still this type vehicle requires special training, tools procedures to CORRECTLY diagnose and repair it. Just imagine what the 2002 and 2003’s we work on daily require in equipment, training and procedures.


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