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I have a 1997 Olds Silhouette that I had to remove the wiper motor and linkage to replace the alternator. When I put it back together the wipers don't work right. First, they hit as they were going up. I can adjust them to work some, but they won't go full range of motion and they don't park in the full down position. Did I do something wrong reinstalling them?

Without looking at it I can only guess that you did not install the linkage correctly when you put it back together. (I know this sounds too obvious!) So I may suggest that you find another Silhouette and look at the linkage. I suspect you may have put things on "backwards". It is an easy mistake to make. Please find another van and look at how the linkage is installed before you do anything else. Now you understand why the shops have to charge so much to do this job! This is not a fun job on the 3.4 liter engines.


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