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My 1995 Pontiac Bonneville has 103,000 miles on it and always been garaged. The white paint on the roof near the windshield has fissures which tend to rise slightly in cold weather. It’s as if the metal is shrinking but not the paint. Flakes from several peeled spots show the non-adherence to the base-coat. The Pontiac dealer's Body Shop says several white Pontiac's about the age of my car have been brought in with the same problem. It does not happen on painted plastic parts. GM's 800 number offered no explanation or help (surprise?). Is this a manufacturing defect? How can the bad spots be touch up painted without stripping the entire metal body and repainting?

The area in question will need to be stripped down to the metal and then repair the area in question. You will not need to do the entire car if the rest of the paint job looks good. They (the body shop doing the repair) should be able to blend the paint so that you will not know it has been done. This car is a base coat clear coat paint job and should allow the repair to be good match. I suspect that you have moisture getting under the paint on the roof. The windshield may be allowing this to happen so make sure it is looked at very closely. So removal of the windshield moldings may be necessary to see if any rust is forming under the moldings


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