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I have a 1991 Mitsubishi Montero 3.0, standard transmission. While driving at 35 mph, the engine just stopped. It didn't sputter, it was just as if I turned the ignition key off. When attempting to restart, the engine turns over normally, but won't start. We have had the ECM checked and it's ok. The only other symptoms were that the brake indicator light would stay illuminated at times and on occasion when the car was first cold started it was sluggish for the first three or four minutes then ran normally. It’s been suggested the coil is bad, the relay is bad, or the fuse able link is bad or maybe the distributor is bad. We live in Mexico and their method of repair is just start replacing parts until they find the right one. What would be the logical trouble shooting sequence? Can you please help?

I am going on the presumption that the engine is mechanically sound. And the timing belt is not broken. If so, how did you have the ECM checked? Did you send it off to be checked? It sounds like a typical ECM failure for this truck. If you don't have spark this means no fuel pressure either. See if you have 5 volts going to the engine coolant sensor. If you don't then your computer has gone belly up. Do you have access to a scanner? If you do this may tell you that you have several codes in the vehicle. If you do, then this is another symptom of a faulty ECM. It is very difficult to diagnose this car without proper equipment. If it does not have spark and fuel I would double check the computer.


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