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James, I own a 95 Blazer S-10 with 170,000 miles. It is a Great truck and has been well taken care of! Recently there has been a slight growling sound coming from the truck. My guess is the transfer case. My wife drives the truck most of the time. She uses the push button 4W when needed. My question, is there a possibility that it is hanging up between 2W to 4W? If so, how do I fix it? One other question, my Chilton book said to use Dexron III fluid in the transfer case. Is this true? I have never heard of such a thing? The Chilton book said to check the fluid because it may be low, which may explain the growling. I will check it tonight. I did a visual and did not see any leakage from the transfer case.

Yes, Dexron III is used in the transfer case. I don't think it is hung between gears. I think 175,000 miles without being serviced may have killed the transfer case. Please have a professional listen to it. It may not be what you think it is! It is hard for me to “hear a problem” via email!:o)


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