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Hi! I have sent an email to you before and I got some real useful information. I now need to know some more information on my 1988 Ford Ranger with a 2.0 carbureted motor. I am having a problem with oil going into my water in the radiator. Could it be a crack in the block, or a bad head gasket, or a crack in the head? The truck is smoking white and it kind of smells a little like fuel and oil.

Normally if you are getting oil in the water it is a cracked head along the cam towers in the head. This means the high pressure oil is going into the lower pressure water. Not a fun job to fix! Normally means replacement of the head as well as ALL rubber hoses that have been contaminated with oil. Additionally, the entire cooling system will have to be flushed to remove the oil in the system. After you change the head, place one cup of Dawn dishwashing soap in the dirty radiator. (Leave the thermostat out) Run the engine to operating temperature, shut it down, let it cool and drain the flush water, refill and repeat two or three times like this to get the oil out of the system (heater core, water passages etc.) After this has been done then remove the radiator and replace all hoses, as well as the water pump. (The seal in the water pump usually starts to leak in about a month after this job has been completed.)


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