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I have listened to your show and found it very interesting. Thanks for the good advice! Now I really need some good advice, I have a Pontiac Grand Prix 1989 3.1 liter engine. I was having problems with it starting. I thought it was the coils but someone told me about the crankshaft location sensor. So I tried to take it off( key word "tried") it broke off just below the o-ring! My question is how do I get the rest of it out?????

Pull the oil pan and "push" it out from the bottom using a long screwdriver tapping it with the palm of your hand. This is where an experienced tech would have saved you money and time! Once you "break it off" this is the ONLY repair procedure I know that will work every time. The bad thing is we don't know if this is the solution to stop your long crank/no start at times!


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