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I have an 86 Ford Ranger, 2.8L carbureted engine. I checked my oil and it was like water, so I smelled it and it smelled like gas. My question is what causes the gas to go into the oil when driving or at an idle.

I am assuming you have the 2.8 V/6 engine in this truck. If so, then you may also have starting problems in the morning as well. It may start up and die a couple of times before it will stay running. If this is one of the symptoms, please pull a spark plug and see if it is black and sooty. If it is, then you may have a faulty Power Valve in the bottom of the carburetor. There is a vacuum hose that plugs into the bottom of this carburetor that will be full of gas, (if it is faulty.) You may be able to pull the vacuum hose off to see if gas pours out of it. (Please does this with the truck shut off to avoid a fire hazard?) If the plugs are not black and sooty then a faulty fuel pump may be your problem. If the fuel pump diaphragm ruptures, it MAY allow gasoline to pump right into your crankcase. Look at the spark plugs first! If they are nice and clean looking then I would suspect the fuel pump is faulty. If the spark plugs are black and sooty and you still have problems first starting in the morning? Then it may be the carburetor power valve that is leaking!


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