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I have a 1971 manual shift Pinto. When I depress the clutch I hear "hissing sound ". Can you tell me what might be causing this? Is the clutch in anyway connected to the working of the brakes? What could this sound be or lead to?

If my memory serves me correctly the brakes and clutch are not connected. (Other than the pedals being beside each other) If the engine is running smoothly when you hear the "hissing" sound, I suspect it is not a vacuum sound you are hearing! It could just be the throw out bearing making noise. So please have a professional "listen" before you do anything. I do remember this engine blowing out diaphragms on the anti-backfire valve coming off the intake manifold. This will cause the car to make a "hissing sound" and to idle too fast and may have an engine miss at idle.


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