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I have a strange problem with my Dodge Avenger. I am having the symptoms of a fouled spark plug wires. When I replace them it goes away. Within a few months the kicking and bucking returns and I change the wires again, it goes away. I have done this many times in the past year. Changing the wires solves the problem temporarily. It can’t be the wires, they usually last years. I even went with better quality wires. No improvement. I found a TSB in reference to “intermittent plug misfire” but no info to correct. Can you make any suggestion?

The TSB deals with a misfire due to defective spark plugs. This TSB was to be done before the car is delivered by the dealership. You say you changed the plug wires and it gets better, for a while. Then the problem comes back to haunt you. If you are not leaking oil around the spark plugs then I suspect you need to put the OE plug wires on the vehicle and use Dielectric grease when you snap the plug wires on the spark plug. Leaving out this step MAY BE what has caused your plug wires to fail prematurely.


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