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I bought a used Toyota 4x4 1985 pick up 20 days ago when we were driving it, it just stopped no lights nothing, but the stereo still worked, it will start if we hot wire it. I was wondering what the problem could be. My husband thinks it is the relay but we don't know what the box is called to replace it. Do you have any suggestions as to what it could be?

I would start at the battery and see where you have lost power. Most of these trucks have "fusible links" right at the positive battery post. Then go to your fuse box and see if they all have power. If most of them are dead when checked with a test light, I would suspect you may have blown a fusible link. They are the main source of power loss when a vehicle has problems similar to your description. You can gently "tug" on them (the fusible links) to see if they are intact and are not burnt internally. If this is not the problem then I suggest you seek professional help to get your truck back on the road.


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