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I have an 88 Sundance that currently is getting only 10 mpg. Additionally, while driving at about 40mph and 2000 rpm the car bucks like a mechanical bull. It feels like the engine is cutting out but the rpm does not waiver. About a year ago I had the pick-up coil replaced in the distributor because the engine would cut out and stop running after it reached operating temperature.

Most of these codes listed above are NOT drivability problems they are alternator and cruise control codes. The only one that is a possibility is a code 51 which senses the O2 sensor reading lean. This is just a guess, so replace the O2 sensor with a quality new part. Sorry I can't be for sure about your fix :o( Oxygen sensors are a lot of problems on these cars) they control the amount of fuel the computer sends to your car. If you have not changed it in the last 60,000 miles then this is a good place to start. James Dear James, Just got done with a test drive after installing new O2 sensor--everything seems to be OK--thanks for your advice. Without your expert opinion I might have wasted a lot of $$ by replacing the wrong parts- I almost replaced the pickup sensor in the distributor because the problem would show up mainly after getting to operating temp. Now if the MPG goes back up to 20/25 like it should be I'll be happy....thanks again , Bob P.S. The temp here in Pennsylvania is a balmy 28 so working on the car was not too painful!


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