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I have a 1999 Oldsmobile, Alero. On the instrument panel indicates "Trac off" light. Can you please tell me what does mean “Trac off” and what can I do for it.

According to the light on your dash your “Traction control” is "off". This “could” be a switch that you have turned off accidentally or possibly an antilock brake problem! The purpose of traction control is to keep you wheels from slipping when you give your car “gas”. If you get on a gravel road and the wheels start to slip it will automatically apply the brakes to that wheel to keep it from slipping. If you don't have a switch on your dash to turn the traction control off and on, then take it to your local technician and pay him to troubleshoot this problem. It may be a very simple fix; traction control is very reliable and dependable in most of today’s cars. This CAN be a safety issue if you live in an icy part of the world or in your case a sandy place, so don't ignore it!


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