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I have a 96 Honda accord 4 cylinder (not a V-tech) engine I have an oil leak at the left side of the engine. It goes all the way down to the oil pan. The oil pans rear side is all wet like its also leaking but not the front of the oil pan. The leak is on the left seems to be inside the plastic cover. What can it be that is leaking?

You seem to be describing an oil seal leak from the oil pump shaft seal. (This is behind the plastic timing belt cover on the rear part of the engine.) When a timing belt is installed it is recommended that ALL SEALS should be changed behind the timing cover. This means the cam seal, crank seal and oil pump shaft seal. There is an updated part to be installed on the 2.2L Honda engine to keep the oil pump seal in place. They have been known to ‘push out” if the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) becomes restricted. If you have recently had the timing belt changed and they did not change the seals or install this retainer bracket, do the job over! Once a timing belt has been removed it is suggested not to be re-installed. If you do, the life of the belt has been cut in half. This means if you changed it yesterday and you want to remove it to change the oil pump seal today, don't! Just install a new "timing belt "on along with the tensioner and any idler pulley's that come in contact with the timing belt. It is suggested that you change the water pump while you are this far in the engine.


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