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I have a 2003 4 runner with a radio problem. I've owned the truck for 6 months and did not have any problems in the warmer months, but now I hear static thru my speakers for 3 to 5 minutes on cold mornings when first started. I cannot turn the radio, CD, tape deck on or off and have no control over the volume of the static. The static pattern is continuous for 2 sec, stops abruptly, and begins again repeating the pattern continuously for several minutes. The dealer replaced the radio thinking they fixed it. The next cold morning, I had the same problem. I'm making another appt for service. Does anyone know what would cause this?

I have printed the TSB that deals with this problem. The amplifier is the culprit to solve this problem. This is covered under the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty. The radio replacement was a poor guess for the dealership when the TSB is readily available for them to view. This is one of the reasons that customers don't like going to dealership for service work. Please print out the enclosed TSB for them to follow up with. TSB Audio AU003-03 June 16th 2003 When first starting the vehicle, some customers may experience a condition where there is static noise from all channels of the audio system or no sound from the audio system. This condition typically occurs on cold mornings. Once the amplifier warms up, normal operation is restored. An improved JBL amplifier is available to address this condition. This is only applicable to the 2003, 2004 Toyota 4 Runner


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