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James, I've been told not to change the type oil I use in my car. My mechanic says it will cause my engine to sludge up! Is their any truth to this?

The truth is that not changing your oil is the MAIN reason for sludge formation! The other main reason for sludge to build up is an engine running too cool! (Stuck open thermostat or wrong one) This allows the engine to run "Too cold" and never getting hot enough to boil off moisture that has collected in the crankcase. This allows acids to form SLUDGE in your engine by overloading the additives that are in the oil to prevent this. According to people that research oils, (Such as Mark Sarlo) there is very little difference between todays engine oils! What does matter is the API (American Petroleum Institute) and the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approval symbol on the back of the oil bottle! It is a round "doughnut" with the letters API and SAE printed around the "doughnut". The words "Energy Conserving II " should be printed in the middle of the doughnut. You should see the letters SJ or SK printed in this symbol. These letters tell you that this oil is the most advanced formula of oil on the market, with ALL the mandated additives needed for todays cars. So don't worry about the brands of oil you use. Just make sure they have the API, SAE approval! And change your oil regularly every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Taking care of your car is like putting money in the bank!


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