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I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse. After shutting the car off, there is a ticking noise coming from under the rear wheel on the driver’s side. Whatever this noise is, it is causing the battery to be dead. Any ideas on what you think may be ticking? Any help would be appreciated.

I am only guessing to what MAY be the problem with your Mitsubishi Eclipse. If your vehicle has an electric antenna on the rear drivers side, then this MAY be the problem! If the antenna mast is damaged so that it will not fully retract, this may be what your "ticking" may be. If the antenna won't fully retract, the electric motor will continue to run. This may be what draining down your battery. I have seen this happen on other type vehicles in the past. GM in the 80’s had a lot of larger cars with similar problems. The repair was to remove the front right fender to get to the antenna motor so it could be replaced. It was an expensive repair procedure and the parts alone exceeded $200 (in most cases.) What most shops would suggest was unplug the antenna motor and tell the customers not to drive through a car wash. This will keep the antenna from getting broken off! Maybe this is something your shop could do for you until you can have the antenna assembly replaced. Please stop by your local auto repair shop that you deal with and have them see if I am correct. In most cases a good repair shop can take care of your problem correctly in one day!


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