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I own a '99 Oldsmobile, Intrigue and the problem is that on the two AC vents on the driver side don't release cool air; air comes out fine, but not cold air. The two vents on the passenger work fine. Also no air comes of any vent when I place it on the 1 setting. Can you please help me find this problem?

Here is an article I copied from ALLDATA (my information source) that deals with this issue. Some customers may comment on a temperature variation between the left and right hand ducts. Typical concerns may include that the right side of the vehicle cools down but the left stays warm or the opposite. This condition is sometimes associated by the customer with a recent service visit for other non-related repairs. The codes, DTC 80361 or B0441, may be present but will not illuminate a telltale check engine light. Here is the cause of this condition: The HVAC controller unit and the TEMP door actuator motors rely on a feedback system that supplies the controller with count values in order to accurately adjust the air temperature. When battery power is interrupted to the HVAC controller, the current actuator position values are lost. When power is restored, the controller will perform a "sweep test" of the doors from full cold to full hot and record the end values for reference. Over time, the TEMP doors may develop some flexing when run to their extremes. This flexing allows the count values to run out of range (beyond 0-255) and results in DTC code 80361 or 80441 to set. In short what is wrong will be the "control head" that is not allowing the doors to operate correctly if they are "flexing" too much. The control head is the part on your dash that has all the buttons to control your AC and Heat. Please contact a shop you can trust that can "see" if the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 80361 or 80441. If they are, then you know what you have to do! Now to the second part of the question about the fan speed on setting 1 not working. The fan not working on setting 1 may be the switch and/or the fan motor " Resistor Block". Like I said before you will need to find a shop to verify these conditions, unless you have an "OBDII scanner" (On Board Diagnostics Second Generation) Most people don't have these scanners, in fact some shops still don't have them. Which amazes me how they can fix the newer cars out there. So make sure the shop you visit is familiar with OBDII diagnostics and ask them if they are. Never assume they are, because you know what can happen when you assume!


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