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I have 1995 Pontiac Gran Am, 4 cylinder 2.3L. Originally the cooling fan was not working even when I tested it. I got another one and it works when I tested it. This time it would only work when I turn on the A/C. It does not work when I hooked the coolant switch back up. I changed the coolant temp switch and also the cooling fan relay. Still the fan does not work under normal driving conditions. Any Ideas before I pull my hair out?

The cooling fan on this model will not come on till 235 degrees F! The engine coolant can only get that hot if the cooling system hasn't any leaks and will hold 13 to 16 lbs of pressure. To verify the wiring is correctly installed and nothing is wrong in this area you will need a special tool. This special tool any good technician needs to have. (This special tool is a paper clip that is made in the shape of "U".) Here is what you need to do with this special diagnostic tool. 1) Take the straightened out paper clip made in a "U" and insert it in terminals A and B on the diagnostic connector under your steering column. 2) Turn your ignition key to the run position. 3) When you do, the check engine light will start to flash codes and the electric cooling fans will come on automatically. If they do, the wiring is good and the sensors are working correctly. Remember, the radiator cooling fan will only come on if the A/C is turned on/or the engine coolant temperature is 235 degrees F. The fans will cool the engine down to 205 degrees and then the fans will shut off. Under most driving conditions the electric cooling fans don’t come on that much unless you’re A/C is on. Engineers trying to keep emissions at certain levels needed the engine to be hotter than what you and I think is "normal". Try the "paper clip" trick and let me know what you find out.


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