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My 1990 Mitsubishi Montero is making a ticking noise inside the top of my engine. What could be wrong with the engine making this sound?

The noise MAY be a hydraulic lifter that is ticking due to lack of oil getting inside of it. This engine is the same engine that Chrysler uses in their small vans. In most cases the repair procedure is to replace ALL the lifters, not just the ones that are ticking. To keep this from happening again, please change your oil and filter more often and use 5w30 motor oil. The 5w30 motor oil will pump faster and lubricate the upper part of your engine 7 times faster than 10w30 motor oil will (during certain ambient temperatures.) Hope this helps answer your question, please ask your friends for a shop that they use and trust to work on your car. I may be wrong telling you what is wrong with your car. Nothing takes the place of seeing and hearing what the car is doing to diagnose it correctly the first time!


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