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I have a 1996 Chevrolet V/6 4.3liter S-10 120,000 miles. My problem is that the car will crank and crank in the morning when I first try to start it up. Once it starts up, it starts and runs just fine all day long. The only other problem I have is the gas mileage is down 2 miles per gallon. Any ideas about how to get this trucked fixed cheaply?

I have ideas how to fix it; it normally is not a cheap fix is the problem! You will need to find a shop that will check your fuel pressure and inspect your “fuel injection” unit for leakage. Hear is what you need to know before any parts are changed! 1) Does the truck have 60 lbs of fuel pressure? 2) Does the fuel pressure stay pressurized at 60 psi after you shut the truck off for an hour? If the answer is “no” to ether one of these questions, then these problems need to be corrected! The way this fuel system works is the car will have trouble starting when cold if the fuel pressure is less than 60 PSI. It will start and run, it just takes longer to crank and it will affect your gas mileage by not atomizing (spraying) your fuel properly. If it has 60 PSI when running, but the fuel pressure does not stay stable and drops when you shut the car off. This MAY indicate that the fuel injection unit under the upper plenum chamber may be leaking. To verify the area of concern (the fuel injection unit) remove the round 3 inch object on top of the plenum chamber. (It has two Philips head screws holding it on) It’s called a “tuning vane” Lift this up and out and take a flashlight and look inside. It should be dark and dirty looking inside this hole where the tuning vane was. If it looks nice and clean on one side and dirty on the other side the fuel injection unit may be faulty and possibly should be replaced. Either one of these problems may be expensive and labor intensive. Please find a shop that will diagnose this problem and then guarantee that the repairs they perform will fix your problem! DO NOT USE discount type parts or you may be doing this job over in a few weeks. May I suggest (OE) Original Equipment parts? If not, you may be chasing “check engine” light problems as well as poor engine performance. Just because the part looks the same does not mean it will perform correctly over the long haul.


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