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Treating the symptom, not the problem! Dear James, I have had two water pumps put on my 2000 Mercedes ML320. The shop uses genuine Mercedes water pumps, and Mercedes antifreeze. Any ideas what might be causing this problem? Bob, St Joe.

Bob, The most overlooked item that will cause water pumps to fail repeatedly is the fan clutch. When the engine is cold and not running, you should NOT be able to spin the fan blade more than 3/4 a turn. If you can spin the radiator fan more than this, then you need to inspect the front of the fan clutch for an oil leak. If there is oil on the front of the fan clutch and it spins more than 3/4 of a turn when cold, you have found your water pump killer. Please use only the original equipment fan clutch from Mercedes or your car will sound like a jet when you take off from a light. Not only will the fan clutch be loud and noisy, it will rob you of gas mileage. Please call my shop for a free test drive and consultation @ 850-763-0555.


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