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Pay a Little More Now, Or a Lot More Later!

This week I would like to educate car owners about engine oil that they use in their cars. Over the years you have heard that synthetic oil is the best oil to use in your car. While this is true, the type synthetic oil you use is what is important. Full synthetic oil that is sold in America is considered a "PAO type" oil base. And over the years this has been the gold standard in synthetic oils. Now certain manufactures are mandating that you MUST use their brand oil or you will violate your power train warranty. Nissan is a good example of what I am talking about on the use of specific type oils. On the newer model Nissans with the V/6 VQ37VHR (3.7 Liter) as well as the (VK50E 5.0 Liter V/8 engine) MUST USE 5w30 ESTER BASED OIL. If you, or the shop you use, puts the wrong type oil in this engine, you may destroy a $10,000 engine that will not be covered under manufacturer's warranty. Leaving you responsible to pay for this expensive engine repair. The oil that Nissan is requiring in these engines are "Ester based oil". Ester based oil is the type oil that air conditioning units use in automobiles and other industrial applications. Ester oil is a synthetic base oil that has been chemically synthesized in test tube. The advantage of ester based oil is that it has a very stable molecular structure , provides good solvency to keep the oil passageways clean, and works very well in very cold or very hot conditions. It also does a great job on reducing engine wear and noise on start up. Just because you use the right weight oil, does not mean you are using the RIGHT kind of oil. Just about all cars and trucks build from 2000 to present should be using a specific kind of synthetic oil. A lot of oils out on the market may say they are "Full Synthetic" but will tear up your engine and possibly void your warranty. Another example of the "correct oil type" in a more common engine is General Motors 5.3 liter truck engines. General Motors specifies that Dexos 2 Approved oil MUST be used. This is mandatory to avoid internal engine damage. If engine damage occurs, due to the wrong type oil used, the manufacture will not honor your engine warranty. In conclusion: Before you go to your repair shop to change your oil, make sure that they are going to put the right oil in your engine. This type oil is expensive, it costs between $10 to $15 per quart, in some cases this special oil can only come from the dealership. If you have any more questions about oil type, please call this morning between 9 and 11 am @ 850-763-0555. I will be more than happy to help clarify what updated oil is needed for your car's engine. Peace and prosperity in 2012! James Morris


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