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James I have a starting (cranking) problem with my 1990 Toyota 4 Runner. It will crank when cold, after it gets hot and sits for 15 to 20 minutes, it won't. I had the starter rebuilt and it worked for a few days. Now it is back to the same "No Start" problem. Anything I can do or check to solve this problem? Mike B.

Mike, What I suspect is a voltage drop from the ignition switch to the starter. Over the years corrosion has added more resistance to this starting (or cranking circuit). To solve this problem, have a shop add a "kicker relay" to send 12 volts directly from the battery to the starter when you turn the key to the start position. This is a inexpensive, proper repair verses replacing ignition switch and wiring harness. Very common area of concern with older model cars and trucks. Peace and Prosperity in 2012!


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