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James, my 1999 Cadillac has a leak in the A/C system. I have taken it to a shop twice, and they charge it up. While they have it on the a/c machine they check for leaks and correct pressures. No leaks are found and the pressures are where they are supposed to be. Any ideas to where they should check next? William H. Chipley, Fl.

William what I have found in most cases is the "Schrader valves" or the "A/C service ports" are your problem. When they have the a/c machine hooked up they are "sealing off" the leaks so they can't be found. Next time the shop "charges it up" have them disconnect the a/c service hoses and leak check the ports when the car is running and when it is not running. Very commonly missed diagnosis on a/c systems.


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