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I would like to find out if a radiator from a 88 Chrysler La Barron 2.5 will fit a 90 Dodge Dynasty 3.0

It may fit physically, that is all it will do! For this radiator will not cool the engine as the right radiator for your car will do. It is not the right size radiator to cool a V/6 engine. The 2.5 is a 4 cylinder engine and its radiator has smaller and fewer tubes than a V/6 radiator. Just call the part store and ask if both of these cars use the same radiator. You will find they are not the same. Please buy the right radiator to put in this car, used radiators are too risky to use. A 1988 radiator is too old as well as well as too small. Please make sure that you have the coolant exchanged with a 50/50 mix off coolant and water when you put a new radiator in. And use distilled water only not city or well water or you might have a leaking/clogged radiator sooner than you should!


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