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Dear Master Auto Tech, I am having problems with my 2000 Cadillac Eldorado loosing coolant. Nothing leaks on the ground where I park my car. I don't smell coolant or see evidence that coolant is leaking. Yet ever month I have to add about a gallon of coolant. The car does not run hot or give me any indications of a blown head gasket. Do you have any ideas to get to the bottom of this mystery? V. Ellis

Dear V. What I am going to tell you, you will not like. In most cases the head bolts are loose! This can cause the symptoms you are describing, this is a very common problem on the 4.6 Northstar engine. What you didn't tell was how it starts up in the morning? Does the car's engine run smoothly in the morning when you first start it up? Or does it idle rough for a few seconds when first started, and then smooth out? If it idles rough when first started, then more than likely the engine will need to "Dropped out" of the car and repaired (by drilling and installing head bolt inserts). We have done several of these repairs on these engines over the years with very good results. Please call my shop for a free test drive and consultation to determine if this type repair is what is needed for your Cadillac. This only costs 15 minutes of your time and then we can tell you what direction you need to go in solving this problem. Repairing your engine correctly the first time, will save you money and insure that you don't have this problem again. Peace and Prosperity in 2012! James Morris


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