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Steering Hard and Noisy Engine My 2005 Chevy Malibu turns easy to the right yet it is harder to turn to the left. I took it to a shop and they thought the electric power steering motor could be bad. Is there a test you can use to check what the problem really is, without guessing? James T.

Dear James, I suggest that you find a shop like James Auto Center with a factory type scanner. The scanner needed is called a Tech 2 that has the ability to have bi-directional control over the computer or GM's MDI laptop based scanner. The test that is needed is on the electric power steering unit. This scanner will tell all the information that the computer is "seeing". The test the shop will looking at with the scanner is the power steering electrical input controls. There should be ZERO torque on the steering wheel when it first starts. Anything more than ZERO pounds of torque means the steering column needs to be replaced. Hope this steers you in the right direction.


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