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Dear James, My 2005 Dodge 1500 with a 4.7 engine ticks in the morning when I first start it up. I did not by the truck new, I have no idea about the history of its maintenance. My technician says I need to change the lifters and see if that helps. The oil pressure is good and it stops ticking after about 5 minutes. Any idea how to quiet them down, short of replacing the lifters? Mark K. St. Joe

Mark, Before you spend a lot of money replacing parts, let us change the oil first. The oil you need will be 0w30 full synthetic oil. "0" weight oil has the ability to get into the small crevices of your lifters and clean them out. That may allow them to stay pumped up and quiet down all the noise you are hearing when first started. I have done this procedure on Chevy's, Fords, Dodge's, Isuzu's and any car/truck that calls for a 5w30 or 10w30 oil. In most cases (not all) after about 500 to 1000 miles the noise starts to diminish. Usually after 5,000 to 10,000 miles the noise is gone and will stay gone. Years ago conventional wisdom said to put thicker oil in your engine to quite noisy lifters. Automotive engineers discovered that it is the thinner weight, full synthetic oil that not only quiets the lifter noise, it solves the REAL problem why your lifters leak down, "sludge buildup". Peace and Prosperity in 2012, James Morris


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