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Dear James, My tires are wearing like they are low on air. (outside and inside of the tire is wearing faster than the middle of the tire) My tire pressure specification chart on my door says I should run the tires at 32. I hear you say I should run my tires pressure higher than what the manufacturer recommends. Will it be dangerous if I do run my tire pressure higher? Thomas D. Panama City.

Thomas, If your tires have a maximum air pressure of 44 psi. Then I recommend that you run your tire pressure close to around 40 to 44 psi. If your tire pressure maximum air pressure is 35 than I recommend around 32 to 35 psi. My Toyota Prius, maximum air pressure is 51 psi, and this is the air pressure I run in my tires. Yes, the ride may be a little more "stiffer", yet my fuel mileage is better and my tires wear evenly. The best "rule of thumb" to get better tire wear, is pump them up close to the maximum air pressure that is printed on the side of your tires. If the middle of the tire starts to wear more than the edges of the tire, then you need to drop the air pressure by 5 lbs. In most cases I have found that tires will wear pretty evenly at the maximum recommended pressure in the tire. The added benefit of doing this is tires lasting longer and better fuel mileage due to less rolling resistance. Peace and prosperity in 2012.


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