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James, I listen to your show on Saturday. I wondered how you know so much about the new cars. I figured as old as you are, the older cars you have experience with. I am curious how you manage to keep up with the newer technology? J. Smith Callaway

Great question that allows me to promote the auto repair industry. Today's technicians are being bombarded daily by new "technology". To learn the technology for Hybrids to direct injection, myself and thousands of other technicians go to school constantly. The school may be classes at the local technical schools or online with "webinar training". These continuing education classes are taught after a long day at work and can be very stressful to the Technician as well as the shop owner. When a tech goes to class and doesn't get home till late at night it affects the technicians performance the next day at work. So what a lot of shops are now incorporating is a "on line" approach to training. Most dealerships and independent shops have found that online training can be done early in the morning before technicians go to work. This approach to training allows technicians to learn new technology without the mental and physical fatigue of having to sit in a classroom. As a reward to completing the training the technicians receive not only monetary awards for completion of the subject material, they will be able to understand how to perform their job better. By doing this type continuing education, shops like mine can stay up to date with the evolving automotive service industry.


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