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I just changed my windshield wiper blades 6 months ago and they are already skipping and streaking. What can I do to make them last longer?

Wiper blades are designed to last about one year. (If you keep your car in a garage.) If you keep your car outside in the hot sun they will last about six months. In the winter the frost on your windshield will tear them up faster than the hot sun does in the summer! You can keep them clean and soft by cleaning the blades with denatured alcohol and a paper towel. This will help them last a little longer. Or you could buy those Teflon coated wiper blades with 3 wiping surfaces you see on TV. (They last about 7 months and when they go bad they will send you another pair, free! Of course you must pay for shipping and handling so this really is not that great of a deal.) I personally recommend that you change your wiper blades when you set your clocks for daylight savings time, in the spring and in the fall. This means twice a year you should change your wiper blades! According to N.H.T.S.A. most accidents happen because of visual impairment. You can’t see the other car or they can’t see you! So when you set your clocks back or forward, change your wiper blades! It’s a cheap insurance policy to keep YOU from having an accident or running over someone walking down the side of the road!


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