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Auto Advisor, I need some advice, please. My 2005 Ford F-150 “clunks” every time I take off from a stop. I have taken it to a couple of shops and they can’t figure it out. Both are thinking something may be wrong with the transmission. Have you any ideas? Suzanne H.

Suzanne, Without hearing your truck all I can do is guess what the problem might be. So I took your information and typed in “Driveline clunk”. And what popped up did not surprise me. It suggested that the drive shaft be removed and lubricated with a special grease to stop the problem on the “slip yoke”. What I suspect is the drive shaft is NOT “slipping” smoothly on the output shaft of the transmission. So the “slip yoke” is making the “clunking” noise when you take off or stop. Best advice I can give is find a shop that can verify this problem and repair it before it really tears something up. Peace and Prosperity in 2012! James Morris


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