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Dear Auto Advisor, I have a 2004 F350 Lariat dually with the 6.0 Powerstroke, the other day while driving to work the truck died while I was on the road. Before this happened, the truck felt sluggish and low on power (no throttle response). I tried to re start the truck but it would not fire. When I cranked the truck it sounds like it wants to fire off, but it will not start up. Both batteries are fully charged and I have checked the wiring for any signs of chafing and I have not seen any signs. I also loosened the fuel filter cap and cranked the truck to make sure the fuel pump was working and it appears to be fine. Do you have any suggestions what the problem may be. Thanks! Kenneth P.

I suspect the fuel pump has failed that is mounted on the frame (where the primary fuel filter is located.) Maybe this or you are more than one gallon low of oil. This Powerstroke engine uses the motor oil to help fire the injectors. Best advice is to find a professional repair shop with the Ford scanner called IDS. This is the best way to solve this problem without having to guess what the problem is. Finding a shop with the right training and equipment to troubleshoot this problem will save you money and time.


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