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Dear Sir, My 1997 Dodge caravan has quite a few miles on it. All seems to work with the exception of my horn, cruise control and I have an air bag light on. I have read that the “clock spring” may be the problem. My question how much trouble is it to change a clock spring on my Caravan? Christina R. Ormond Beach, Fl.

Chris, I most cases a good repair shop will be able to offer you a head light restoration to solve your problem. I assure you that on your vehicle it will require more time and labor than most car wash places have time to do. In order to remove the oxidation from the headlight it will require more than buffing and polishing. It will require a 7 step sanding/polishing procedure to remove the dullness and restore the brightness of your headlights. This can take from an hour or longer per headlight to recondition your headlights. Clear plastic will dry out and turn dull in a few years if not protected by polish and wax. You need to maintain your headlights by polishing them every 6 months to keep them bright. Use the same polish you would use to polish your cars “clear coat paint”. This is the mistake that most people make, by not polishing and protecting their headlights as they would their cars paint finish. Live long and prosper in 2011, James Morris


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