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Dear Auto Advisor, My 1995 S-10 Blazer was in a wreck to the left front fender. When I tried to start it after it sits for a while, I have to spray starter fluid down the throttle body for it to start. After it starts, it runs great, but when you turn it off it will not “fire up”. The motor is turning over, but it acts as if it can't get gas for starting. If I crank and crank for over a minute it will start and run. I know this can’t be good from my starter or battery. Please give me an idea where to look. Larry F.

Larry, I did note in your email that this problem happened after you had a fender bender. It is possible that the fuel pump relay may be damaged in the wreck. If the fuel pump relay is damaged it may cause the symptoms you are describing. I have seen in other S-10’s crank and crank until the oil pressure builds up, then the truck will start. What you are doing is bypassing the fuel pump relay. When you crank long enough the oil pressure climbs high enough to bypass the fuel pump relay to start the truck. This is a safety measure built into the trucks design to shut off the engine if you loose oil pressure. The fuel pump relay is located on the drivers side inner fender along with 2 other relays (if my memory serves me correctly) If your truck tries to start after extended cranking replace the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay is an electrical/mechanical relay with points that MAY have been damaged from the accident. The other areas that could be in question may be the engine computer as well as the fuel pump in the fuel tank. When a vehicle is in "crank mode" The fuel has to be delivered in a very rich amount to get the engine to start. After it starts the fuel leans out quickly for proper fuel control. If the computer does not “see” your truck in the “crank mode” it will not “give” the rich mixture you need to start your truck. Of course it MAY be the fuel pump relay, if not, it may be something more sinister in which professional help may be required to help solve your problem. Live long and prosper. James Morris Tech Tip: To get better fuel mileage, change your oil to a lighter weight FULL synthetic such as 0w30. It pumps quicker in cold weather and has enough lubricity to keep everything working in the engine as it should when the weather is hot. Keeping your tires properly inflated along with a properly tuned engine can increase your fuel mileage as well. The most effective way to get better fuel mileage is push the gas pedal down like you have an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. This is a sure fire way to increase your fuel mileage by 10%


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