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Hubby’s repair makes wife complain My 2001 Chrysler T&C Van was showing signs of very slight fluid leakage on the auto transmission pan. I dropped the pan, cleaned up the residue in the pan, which did not look too bad to me, reinstalled the pan and added back fresh 5 quarts of Chrysler transmission fluid which is the same amount I drained out. The fluid level is okay when hot and car in park. Shortly there after, my wife complained about harsh downshift when braking for a stop. This did not show up when I drove the van around the block after changing the fluid. It only appears to occur when traveling at speed and starting to slow down (maybe at 35 to 40 mph?). Other shifts are smooth and seamless. I assume the fluid change had something to do with the change in the shifting. I had changed the pan fluid previously after about 4 years and at about 7 years I had the dealer do a fluid flush so I did not expect any adverse reaction to fresh fluid. Any suggestions on what I should do next. Thanks, Ross B.

Ross in most cases it is the wrong fluid has been added causing a Chrysler product to shift harder than normal. The correct fluid should be ATF+4 that your dealership has or the local NAPA auto parts will have. I must admonish you that changing 5 or so quarts means there is another 5 quarts of old fluid still in the transmission. Now to how to fix this problem: Find a shop that has a Chrysler scanner to check the clutch volume index or CVI. If this information looks good to the tech then a relearn of the transmission computer may be in order with the factory scanner. If this does not solve then harsh shifting problem have the shop look for updates for your vans computer that may address harsh up shifts or downs shifts. I believe you will find that the transmission is okay and it is just a software issue. I would make a suggestion that you change ALL the fluid when you do a transmission service in the future. Of course unless you have a transmission fluid exchange machine you will need to find a repair facility that does have this much needed equipment. Remember transmission fluid should be changed every 30 to 50,000 miles no matter what your owner’s manual says, or the person who sold you the car. Live long and prosper. James Morris Safety Tip: Most accidents are caused by not seeing someone or someone not seeing you. Change your wipers blades twice a year when you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time. Bosch makes a very good replacement wiper assembly that does a better job of cleaning the windshield. Just ask the parts counter person at your local NAPA auto parts store for the wiper blades that the use on my customers cars.


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