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I have a 1996 Chevy Cavalier Z24 2.4 liter. I had a new engine put in, (a used engine, but new to the car). I have driven it for the past couple of weeks. All of a sudden I start the car to go to work and it is making a rubbing sound near the timing cover next to the A/C compressor. To me it sounds like it does when your compressor clutch gets stuck. It is a rubbing noise like a bearing or tensioner. Do you have any ideas what the problem is? Roger in West Va.

Roger, Noises can drive you crazy especially if you don’t know where it is coming from. To determine where and what the sound might be, we need to take some equations out of the way. First thing you need to do is remove the serpentine belt that is on this engine. I believe this engine has one belt and it is pretty easy to remove. Once the belt has been removed, is the noise still there? If the answer is no, then you need to spin each pulley that the belt goes around to find the culprit. If you can’t feel the faulty part, then you will need to reinstall the serpentine belt and use a stethoscope (or a really long screwdriver or broom handle) to find which component is making the noise. If the noise is still there with the serpentine belt off, then you need to use your stethoscope to determine is the noise coming from the timing chain tensioner. If it is coming from the tensioner (which I suspect)! You will need to correct this before it rubs a hole in the timing cover. Once it rubs a hole in the timing cover, oil will flow freely all over your new, used engine and you will help speed the demise of this engine. Please let me know what you find. James Morris


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