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Dear Auto Advisor, What can I do to get better fuel mileage on my 2002 Buick Park Avenue? Pauline B.

This question is getting asked a lot more now that gas is over $3.00 a gallon. The easiest and first thing I can think of is check your tire pressure. In cold weather car tires will lose about 2 lbs of pressure for every 10 degrees it drops. Tire pressure should be checked on a weekly basis or every time you fill up with fuel. Next thing is changing your oil to lighter viscosity oil such as 5w30 or 5w20. This is the correct oil to run in most of today’s cars. Running 10w30 or 10w40 is not recommended in most cars and will consume more fuel than 5w20 or 5w30. The next area is what type of fuel do you use? If you are not using top tier fuel then this will cause deposits to form on the valves and in the combustion chamber. This will rob you of fuel mileage because the deposits are stopping the engine from performing as it was designed. So only use fuel that has detergent additives such as Techron to stop deposits from forming in your engine combustion chamber. To verify that this might be the problem, have a shop test the exhaust gases coming out of the tail pipe. Excessive hydrocarbons and high NoX readings are indicators that this is your problem. About every 25 to 30,000 miles this service may be needed. Please find a shop that can run this test for you or contact my shop for a Free 5 gas test to verify this is your problem. Live long and prosper. James Morris


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