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On your radio show, you discuss the importance of replacing the radiator on higher-mileage cars. My 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser has 90k miles. I approached my service advisor, at my Toyota dealership about replacing my radiator. He told me that the radiator used, by Toyota for the Land Cruiser, is a heavy-duty type, and did not need to be replaced, only properly maintained. Do you agree with this, or do you feel it is important to replace the radiator in my Land Cruiser? The car runs excellent, and has no cooling problems.

I will state the same thing I tell everyone, radiators clog up externally and internally. After 5 years or 100,000 miles the radiator needs to be removed and cleaned! This means taking it apart and "rodding" it. To verify this is needed, what is the Ph of the coolant? If the pH is less than 3.2, remove the radiator! Damage has occurred and acid has clogged and weakening the entire cooling system in most cases. What is the temperature differential of the radiator? (How much heat is it getting rid of?) Should be at least 30 degrees sitting at idle at operating temperature! If you don't know, Please find a shop in Miami that can answer those questions for you. By doing this you are performing the proper maintenance on your radiator, insuring years of trouble free driving.


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