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Dear James, I woke up this morning to several inches of snow on the ground. On my way to work in my 2004 Ford Expedition I slipped off the road and had to be pulled out of the ditch. When I went to start my car the engine started and then died. All it will do is crank and crank. It is sitting on the side of the road till it can be towed to my shop. Any ideas on what might be the problem? Mary Beth in Atlanta

Mary Beth in most cases if this happens you have moved the safety device that stops the fuel from working. This is called an inertia switch and is designed to shut the fuel off if you have a wreck. Just hitting a really big pot hole can do the same thing. In your case you slid off the side of the road in a ditch and when you were pulled out, it tripped the inertia switch. The inertia switch is located on the left rear quarter panel by the rear hatch. Just press the reset button and all should be well. Don’t feel bad a lot of cars have had the same problem in the snow lately and have left a lot of drivers walking. Of course this is just a guess and your shop should be able to diagnose this no start problem pretty easy.


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