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I'm having a problem with my Jeep Wrangler, 2006 Sport, running hot. The radiator is new, the motor is rebuilt and the water pump is new. The heater core was removed. Could this probably cause the jeep to overheat? Thank you for any comments...Marie

Marie, I checked my internet fix posts on your vehicle and the water pump seems to be the major reason for overheating on this engine. The reason for this problem seems to be the plastic water pump impellor slips when the engine warms up. Even brand new water pumps seem to be having this problem. The buzz on the internet is to replace the water pump with a metal impellor instead of the plastic nylon 6.6 impellor. Of course this is only and educated guess and nothing takes the place of a technician looking at your car with a scanner and 5 gas machine. If I can help you in the future please don’t hesitate contacting my shop for a free test drive and consultation. James Morris


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