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James, I HAVE A 1993 CAMARO V6. 3.4 . I’m having a problem with the cooling fans turning on too late. The fans do come on when the temperature gauge is almost in the red zone. Can you help me figure this out? Jose’ PC Beach

The radiator cooling fans won’t come on till 235 F. The problem may be due to a leak in the pressurized cooling system. If you can’t pressurize the cooling system, the coolant will start to boil BEFORE the temperature gets hot enough to turn on the cooling fans. If the car runs cooler with the A/C on, then you just have a problem keeping your cooling system pressurized. When you turn on the A/C it forces the fans to come on, no matter what the temperature is. My advice is to find a shop that can hook up a scanner to make sure the fans are coming on at the correct temp. Do this before you do serious engine damage. James


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