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James, Help me out on this I have a 1995 Mercury Marquis with air ride suspension. The air springs in the back were just changed because they were leaking. After a week the car looks like a jacked up race car. The rear end is way up in the air. What can I do to get this corrected; my wife is really upset about this. Joe, Crestview, Fl.

Dear Joe, This problem happens to a lot of people that just change the air springs and not the air spring compressor at the same time. Let me explain what happens: For months now the air springs have been leaking ever so slightly. So all the compressor has been doing is adding air to the leaking air springs. An air spring compressor is designed to add air as well as release air when the ride height sensor detects it is too high. Since it has only been adding air over the last several months it has not operated the “bleed off” solenoid. The bleed off solenoid “vents” the air that is in the air springs controlling the ride height. Since it is mechanical and we live in a humid climate it corrodes up and has become frozen from lack of use! The correct repair is to replace the air spring compressor at the same time you replace the air springs in the rear. Don’t feel bad about making this mistake! A lot of professional shops including myself have found out about this the same way you did. And in most cases customers aren’t quite as understanding as your wife. Thanks for your question!


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